1. What is your minimum order?

$30.00 Minimum Wholesale Order.  You may order under $30 however there will be a $5.00 low order fee.

2. What discounts do you offer?


Discounts on per piece items including Rings,Earrings,Pendants,Findings,Block Letters. (Excludes items marked ND,Clearance,items on Special and per gram items ie chain and charms, see below for per gram items)

5% on orders from $100-$500.00

10% on orders from $500.01-$1000.00<

15% on orders from $1000.01+

Discounts on pieces priced per gram including Chain, Charms,Bracelets and Bangles.

5% on orders of $500 or more.

10% on orders of $3000 or more

Due to the volitile Silver Market we reserve the right to change, adjust or eliminate discounts without notice. Discounts are applied after the order is filled so they will not show in your cart.


3. What are your hours?

Our normal business hours are Monday thru Friday 8:30am-4:00 pm Central Time. Messages can be left after hours. We are closed most holidays and any other special closings are usually posted on the site or sent out in our newsletter.

4. Do you have a printed catalog?

We do not have a print catalog. Our Web catalog is easier to keep up to date than a printed catalog. We add many new items and update the site daily. You cannot do that with a printed catalog. We try to ensure that the items ordered are instock. With a printed catalog, items ordered could be out of stock, therefore people ordering from a catalog get discouraged because only half their order came in. You may print any of the pages of this web site on your own computer's printer. But remember, we change the web site's pages on a daily basis.

5. Do you ship COD?

We ship COD however only by UPS and in the lower 48 states. You must call us to activate COD on your account. We only accept cashiers check or money orders only for COD shipments made payable to QSI. We do not ship COD to first time customers without a credit card to cover shipping cost. Buyer will be responsible for all shipping fees we paid for refused or returned COD packages. We also reserve the right to charge a 15% restocking fee for all returned COD packages

6. What items are sold by weight?

Charms,Chain and Bangles are sold by weight based on current market prices. Due to the current volitile silver market prices can change without notice. Prices shown on the site are approximates and may vary slightly.

7. Do you have a low price guarantee?

We will do our best to meet or beat any price on the same product (weight and style) offered by anyone with a business in the United States if it is a product we carry or can get. Minimum order requirements from the competitor to get that adverstised price also required. Remember some companies will advertise a lower price on items out of stock which with the current silver market may have to be raised when restocked. We can only try and match pricing on in stock items from other companies that are not on special. If not sure just ask us!! WE WANT YOUR BUSINESS!!

8. What is Sterling Silver?

Sterling Silver is 92.5% Silver and 7.5% of another alloy,usually copper, to make it into jewelry. Silver itself is too soft to make into jewelry so it must be combined with another alloy.

9. How do I care for my jewelry?

Sterling Silver is a very easy to care for metal if you keep up on it. We always recommend using just a polishing cloth made for sterling silver . It has a dry chemical inside of the cloth to remove any oxidation or tarnish that gets on the jewelry. We never recommend using liquid cleaners unless the item is extremely tarnished. If you have to use a liquid cleaner do not leave in cleaner for more than a few seconds. We recommend rinsing with distilled water after a liquid cleaner is used. Always use a professional polishing cloth afterwards to put a polish, or protective coating back on the jewelry, otherwise it will just yellow and tarish within a matter of days. If not wearing or displaying items, always store in zip-lock plastic baggies.

10. What does substitute mean?

When choosing specific rings in a specific size, we may be out of that certain size, so therefore we will substitute that size you chose for the next closest size we have. We do not substitute any ring style for another unless the customer requests so. We only do this for rings. We do not substitute size on chain if we are out of that length that is ordered, unless the customer requests different length is okay.

11. Why don't I ever get an E-Mail from your company?

With all the new SPAM filters out there, unless we are in your e-mail list our e-mails get booted before they even reach you. Unfortunately we have no control over your e-mail filters, and some companies like AOL, EarthLink,MSN may automatically reject e-mails before you get to say yes or no. We all get penalized because of the real Spammers out there. So please add us to your address book Sales@Qsiwholesale.com

12. Do you manufacture jewelry?

Yes we do. Some of our products would be available to you at a lesser cost in bulk with 100 piece minimums per style. If there are products that we do not carry that you wish us to manufacture we do this on a case by case basis since minimums and other charges such as mold charges could be different. We are unable to manufacture small order requests.

13. Why Can't I see the Prices?

You must have created an account and be logged in to see the prices.

14. How are you handling all the changes in the Silver Price?

We keep pricing up to date on our site the majority of the time. However with the current volatile silver market at times manufacturers prices are changing to quickly for us to respond so prices can be subject to change without notice. Obviously items sold (per gram) by weight can vary slightly since each items weight can vary. We have absorbed and continue to absorb as much of the increases as we can. We will do our best to adjust prices as they change up or down. As always if you find it for less let us know! Also affecting pricing is how strong the dollar is versus the currency from the country of manufacture.

15. What else should I know about International Shipments?

If you are ordering from somewhere outside the United States most likely you will have duties or broker fees. These are the responsibility of the buyer. Make sure to find out what is required in your country. The ship to address must match the credit card used. Verification for new international accounts could take longer.

16. What is per gram pricing and what items are sold per gram?

Per gram pricing is when items are sold by weight at the current per gram price. Example weight is 3 grams and if the per gram cost is .60 then multiply weight times cost and it would be $1.80 for that item. Per gram pricing generally assures you the lowest price available on those items. All of our chain, charms and most bangles are sold by gram. Prices shown are very close approximates. They can vary slightly as weights can change from shipment to shipment. We do our best to keep them updated.

17. What are Special Orders?

SPECIAL ORDERS: Special orders are of a specific piece or pieces of jewelry that we normally carry, but in a higher quantity than we normally stock. If you are ordering a specific amount, say 100 pieces or more for a special event and that event cancels or you just decide that it is not what you want after all, you have 24 hrs after placing the order to cancel. If the order is not cancelled in that time, you are obligated without refunds to take all merchandise special ordered. SPECIAL MANUFACTURING: If there is an item that you would like manufactured and you send us the sample to have it made, there is a 50% non-refundable deposit required on all special orders manufactured.

18. How do I know when something is back in stock?

Many times when and item is out of stock you will see a box that says Out of Stock click on photo for updates. Click on the picture of the product then click on email me when restocked. You will then automatically receive an email when we update inventory.

19. Do you offer terms such as net 30 ?

No. In order to keep our prices low and our overhead down we do not offer credit.

20. What does ND mean next to some products?

ND (No Discount) means that item does not qualify for any available discounts.

21. Why is Priority Mail higher than $6.85?

$6.85 is without insurance or delivery confirmation. We insure all priority mail packages through a private insurer that pays quicker in case of loss than USPS. This means the price on the package may show less but we actually paid more to ship it. We charge what the USPS would charge if you go to their site and calculate cost including insurance and delivery confirmation.

22. How come my credit card has not been charged yet?

Your credit card is not charged until after your order is filled and any out of stock or weight adjustments are made.

23. Sometimes the pages load slow is there a way to speed them up?

Some people have slower page loads usually pictures with Internet Explorer. If you don't have it already you can download the Firefox browser or Google Chrome browser and they load our pages extremely fast.

24. How Come My Password is Not Working

Passwords are case sensitive and must be entered the same way they were when you created them. If you used a capital letter on the first letter and small letters the rest it has to be entered that way. The same goes for the password you receive should you use the forgot password link. This is the problem most of the time. If it still does not work feel free to email us.